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  In the dictionary "Passion" is defined as a compelling feeling or emotion.

My passion has always been capturing moments.

For so many years my own kids were the target of this passion.

"One more", I would always say.  But in reality I could never take enough pictures. Every click of that shutter would capture another expression, another smile another moment.

With a lens I could hold onto these moments. I could freeze time. 

 I guess I inherited that passion and sentiment from my mom.  She would take her old Polaroid camera and take photographs of every flower and every plant in the yard. I remember watching her shake the photo to make sure it was dry and then she would carefully place them into albums where she would visit them over and over again. Her photographs were her most treasured possession. 

I have thousands of photographs of my own children that have been taken throughout the years.  In my favorite one their arms are wrapped around each other and they are all laughing so hard that they are crying.  Each of their personalities were caught in that frame.  As I was looking through the lens that day I fell in love with that image and more than ten years later I still am. 

And that is what I will give to you. I will give you photographs to fall in love with.

I will capture your moments and give them to you.

Smiling. Laughing. Playing. 

your life.  my lens.

My equipment

my trusty Canon 6d

Canon 85mm  

Canon 50mm  

Canon 24-70mm

Canon 17-50mm

and my wishlist is endless.  I am always scouting for a new lens. It is kind of an obsession!